Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Nikon 360 Degrees Digital Camera ...

It looks Unique and by the by I have no idea how the hell it works but stylish .

Monday, May 28, 2007

Chic Trash Bags ..

GrRreat Idea !
But I guess we don't need it in Kuwait..7safa :)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bombay ,reasonable prices and their furniture are so practical and also classy..


The Best Decoration Magazines


In these days all Kuwaiti Houses are exactly the same ,lighting,Design and the concept . The Modern design more popular now in Kuwait the simplicity and bright colors and some times its so expensive .Personally I like Santa Fe design its the art of the American Southwest..

Santa Fe design, I didn't
find better than this pics but you know what i mean

And They Did It !

Kings of Europe!

Milan President Silvio Berlusconi

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dating Tips For Men ..

Intresting tips I just found on the web on how men must be in a date,But I think men should always behave and act not just in dates,So lets call it Life Tips For Men ....

Hygien and appearance: Make sure you are well groomed for your date which means Save,Shower,Clean clothes,Fresh Breath !

Wear a good cologne: Never underestimate the sense of smell.

Arrive on time: The worst thing you can do is to be late for your date.

Have a plan in mind: Women love to be pamperd so she will be impressed if you come up with a goog plan for the date>I don't think she will let him even think about it

Be a gentleman: Open the doors for your date and always let her go first >Poor rab3na elmara kela wara LOL.

Give her a compliment: Women love to be complimented because it makes them feel special (her outfit,eyes,hair)but make sure your compliments are sincere.

Be confident: Women are attracted to men who have confidence

Listen and ask questions: Women appreciate men who will ask them questions which will make them that you are intrested in getting to know them.

Keep those table manners in check: Don't talk with your mouth full..

No phone calls: It's rude to accept cell phone calls during the date.

Dating past: Dont talk about negative dating experience especially your ex-girlfriend..

Keep your hands to yourself: Don't try to grope her on the first date.

Show Off: Don't constantly brag about yourself>Come on they both do that !

Pay the bill: Don't try to barrow money from your date LOL ..

Let her know: If you like your date let her know at the end of the date...

And thats how to be a gentleman, Next time I'll try to wright tips for girls So comming soon:)

Monday, May 21, 2007

I'm On FiRe Three post in less than 24 hours

Rambo IV movie

The trailer is pretty graphic and it does look like it could be a good action film.
But Isn't He littel old for these kinda movies

Sunday, May 20, 2007

weird Vibrator ! 18+

Actually It's weird,Funny and So sad ! Here is how it works
A whole new way to plug 'n play!
Simply plug OhMiBod into your iPodĀ® or any music player and it automatically vibrates to the rhythm and intensity of the music. Let your body feel the vibrations as you get down with your favorite tunes.

The worst Bank's website ever!

when you click login it opens new page and then you enter your user name and password it opens new page again !!!....3mar yal wa6ani ..

Friday, May 11, 2007

for your next business cards? This site has a ton of weird and wacky designs Really cool Bus.Card..
Nokia has conducted research into how people carry their mobile phones.

**60% of men carry their phone in the right trouser pocket, positioned to be reachable by their dominant (right) hand

**61% of women like keep their phone in a handbag, despite 50% missing calls 'cos they can't get to it in time.

I carry my Cellphone in my (jeans)Back pocket .How About You ?