Thursday, August 10, 2006

مظاهرات مصر ام الدنيا

Saturday, August 05, 2006

CoZy Is BaCk ..

Lebanon ..Will be better than ever ..we proud of you guys just hang in there our hearts with you ..I found this words in piece of paper at cafe table yesterday I almost cried god help them ! .

For a long time I didn't miss Kuwait likeI do now and NO !Not only Kuwait I mis Kuwaiti people too is that wierd !!!?

he weather in Europe is so damn hot for the first time in my life when I came back from work I took my cloth totally off for like 4 hours And why I'm saying this It just the feeling whooo I red the newspaper,watched TV,worked out and made my important phone calls totally NAKED !

My female friend called me 2 hours ago and we were talking about absolutely everything politics,stuck market,weather,shalaihat and taboo subject " sex " And she suddenly said "you know Cozy I never touched my self " I was like what the hell your talking about !I didn't even ask you If you did " Don't get me wrong she's only a friend and a close one and she is "an adult",we have an open relationship as I said we talk about everything,we talked about sex IN GENERAL and we never took advantage.....back to what She was saying :

She :
Do you think I should try it !?
Cozy: I don't know ,do you ?
She : I'm asking you !!
Cozy: Hell no .
She : Why ?
Cozy: I don't know why but NO don't do it !
She : All girls I know done it and did it young and they say you can satisfy yourself !

Cozy: who the hell cares what they think I heard you can be addicted to it and even when you are with your partner you wont finish with him and wont finish at all unless you touch yourself .
She : yeah yeah that subject was in cosmopolitan 2 months ago issue !
Cozy: So,what you want to do !?
She : I don't know I'm just so afraid I will have to ask my friend again .
Cozy: yeah you do that ,I don't have anything to say to you about this .

Now I know It's not normal to talk about this, I can hear her panic in her voice and I'm like I have to know more about this, should I tell her yeah go ahead ? I'm concern ...