Sunday, April 09, 2006

One Fine Day......

6:45 am 3daileeya Starbucks,before work ..Nobody was there , I ordered my black coffee from the nice and friendly waitress , I took one step back and there was a girl I took very long look and she nodded with a smile I smiled back "me to my self is she Kuwaiti ?are we in Kuwait ! " she looks confident so smart with here formal suit I don't know what they call it ,very cute short hair and her sun classes over her head " your coffee sir" the friendly waitress said, I walked to take the cup and the pretty lady at once said ,
"do I know you from somewhere ?"
me : I don't think we met with smile
her : OH my god you are "flan"!!
She knows my name !
her: we met in 27.5.05 we were in the same plain flying from Rome from Kuwait ! COME ON you don't remember me !
me : embala wait May right ?
May:eeeeeee laughing
damn she remembers even the date heheh
me : wow you changed your look !
May: yeah, a week ago so how are you ?
me : good hatha ana I'm so happy to see you again
she invited me to her table she was so excited and hyper ..You told me you gonna SMS me to give you your book back but you never did !! She said , No I said it's a gift and you can keep it !

she is 26 years old graduate from the US, we met last year, plain from Rome to Kuwait she sat at the chair next to me, we talked about everything politics,economics,books even sport she is as I said smart,practical and beautiful girl she knows what she is doing and taking her job very seriously she doesn't care about the people around her she's not afraid she is just independent young lady .

we chatted for almost 30 min and she asked for my mobile No. Because she wanted to introduce me to her family so we exchanged phone No's. I went to work with the biggest smile I have :p